What Has Been Healed

Here is a list of what has been healed by following this new way of life over the past two years.

  1. Neuromuscular – pain, stiffness and muscle loss on most of the right-side of my body has healed.  I believe that I reversed the early onset of Parkinson’s disease. I do experience minor recurrences of symptoms (a fraction of what they use to be) when I cheat on my diet.  It continues to get better; every month I notice improvement.
  2. Blood Pressure – my BP has lowered to normal and I got off medication just a few months into the diet.
  3. Digestive System
    1. Diverticulitis – in 2009 I had two attacks within a 2 month period.  In the ensuing years I had several minor attacks and learned to manage it with a water-only fast. I have not had a single occurrence since changing to the ketogenic diet.
    2. Heartburn – this developed in my mid-40′s.  I was typically symptomatic most evenings.  I have not experienced any heartburn since starting the ketogenic diet.
    3. Diarrhea – I use to think having loose stools 2-4 times a week was normal…no big deal, right?. Was I ever wrong!  I now know that diarrhea is your digestive system throwing-up at the other end…and that you are sick. I now have normal digestion with loose stools occurring only 3-4 times in the year and I can always trace it to something out of the ordinary that I ate.
    4. Gas/Bloating – I no longer have chronic gas.  This was a life-long problem; I was known for it in college. I now pass gas less than a few times a week. Excessive gas is a sign that you are not completely digesting food; it is fermenting in your colon. This means that you are eating the wrong foods or they are not prepared correctly for your genetic make-up.
    5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – this term sums-up how my digestive track once felt.  It is now healed.
  4. Prostate – I had an enlarged prostate for nearly 8 years.  It is back to normal size and my urinary track is normal.  I have a steady stream, no longer experience discomfort/pain and go much less frequently and seldomly wake during the night with an urge to go to the bathroom.
  5. Cold-Sores –  herpes outbreaks around my eyes was a problem since the age of five.  I would get them 5-6 times a year and certainly after any sun exposure.  I have not had an outbreak in three years….and I also get plenty of sun without sunscreen!
  6. Sunburn – my tolerance for sun exposure without burning has quadrupled.  I can layout in the sun for an hour without any sunscreen and not get burned.
  7. Joint Pain – I photograph little league baseball as a hobby.  Knee pain and other joint stiffness that was starting to prevent my ability to work has disappeared. I can now squat like a catcher through 3-4 complete games in one day without pain.  I was getting ready to give-up the shooting games because of joint pain.  My knees are now more resilient than they were in my youth!
  8. Oral Health
    1. Teeth – my teeth have brightened.  I no longer experience temperature sensitivity when eating or pain when flossing between my molars. I also have far less tartar build-up.
    2. Gums – my gums no longer bleed when I floss. I see very little blood when they are cleaned by the hygienist; who reports that my teeth look great for my age group.  I was once told that I was developing gingivitis.
    3. Geographic Tongue – I no longer experience irritation from foods and my tongue looks smoother.
  9. Vision – my vision degraded to a point where I needed reading glasses for both books and a computer display.  It has since improved to the point that I no longer need reading glasses for computer work and glasses are optional for reading.
  10. Sleep – I now sleep soundly through the night; settling down around 10:30 pm and waking at 6:00 am.  I use to wake frequently through the night.
  11. Stamina – I have great stamina; I no longer get tired in the afternoon, that is, I no longer experience insulin crashes after a meal.
  12. Aging – I actually feel better than at any point in my life, even in my prime…20-year old.
  13. Weight Loss – I am back to my college weight of 170 lbs.  I lost 30 lbs in the first two months of the ketogenic diet.  All the visceral fat vanished.  A six-pack tummy has returned.
  14. Muscle Tone – muscle tone and definition from my twenties has returned without engaging in a rigorous exercise program. I simply walk more and occasionally bicycle. My testosterone levels are equivalent to a 30 years old…without supplementation.
  15. Cold Virus / Fever – I overcome cold viruses more easily.  I have not had any fevers in three years.  I use to get them several times each winter season.  If I do get a cold it is more like a “sniffle” and is gone in 1-3 days.
  16. Pinched Nerve in Neck – since my late twenties I had regularly experienced a pinched nerve between my shoulder blades that radiated into my neck and head. It was very painful and typically lasted days. Several episodes in my thirties sent me to the bed for the day.  The frequency was 4-5 times year.  I always assumed it was a lingering sports injury from a foolish weight lifting episode. I have not had a single recurrence since being on the ketogenic diet.
  17. Eczema – this former winter guest on my right lower leg has not visited in three years.
  18. Nails – my finger and toe nails grow much faster
  19. Rash – bumps on the skin around my stomach and lower back have disappeared.  I had this for over 10 years.
  20. Sleep Apnea –  I no longer snore as much, per my wife.
  21. Stress / Attitude – I am much more optimistic.  It takes a lot more stress to trigger anger.  I am certainly less moody.
  22. Anxiety – I no longer get so stressed over my retirement, the job, etc…these are now the little aspects of life.

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