About No VOGS

This blog contains links and commentary regarding my recovery from a neurodegenerative condition using a Ketogenic Diet.  My return to good health was found by avoiding industrial foods and lowering insulin by diet.  I eat “No VOGS”

No Vegetable Oils, Grains, Sugars

The Internet saved my life!  Without access to the internet I would have most certainly followed the advice of doctors who offer only pharmaceuticals — the “Standard of Care”. Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for pharmaceuticals; antibiotics have saved my life several times, but should drugs be the first choice?  I became very uncomfortable with the notion that doctors were suggesting that I consume pills every day for the rest of my life.  So I set out to apply my own analytical skills (I have a BS in Physics and a Master in Mechanical Engineering from GA Tech) in the search for answers.

It is time to become your own healthcare specialist. A degree in medicine is not required. It is possible to become better informed than your doctor. Spending just a few hours a week in research can make a tremendous difference. Knowledge is power. How did I do it?  By listening to hundreds of free podcasts during commutes to and from the office and evening walks.

There are two great lesson that I learned.  (1) Eat real food. It is the bedrock of health. (2) Regulate Insulin.  The only natural way to regulate insulin is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that one consumes.  Industrially produced carbohydrates such as sugar, flour, most fruit and even “heart healthy” grains become slow-drip poisons for 75% of people as they age. About 25% of the population is able to metabolize carbs without provoking insulin; these are perhaps the lucky vegans.

I have proven this for myself over the last four years.  Check out my list of What Has Been Healed by making a relatively simple lifestyle adjustment.  I eliminated sugars, most fruit, all agricultural carbohydrates and focused on eating nutrient-dense real food.  It took about two years for a full recovery.  It is important to note that I experienced this recovery without calorie restriction and extensive exercise.

Our country is not in the middle of a healthcare crisis; it is a dietary disaster. I believe that if each citizen would align their diet with their personal human evolutionary genome (i.e., response to insulin) our healthcare crisis would be resolved in less than a decade. Most diabetes, cancer, circulatory and neurological diseases are caused by poor diet.

Is your health is worth a few hours of research each week?  Start on the journey.  I hope that the information contained in my blog will serve as a guide to those who dare to embark on their own health journey.


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