Proof in the Pooping

This stinky subject is necessary.  Your bowel movements and the quality of stools is a significant indicator of health:

  • Chronic diarrhea is a sign that you are sick.  Think of it this way: it is your body throwing-up at the other end.  Something is wrong if it last more than a few days and having episodes several times a week is not a good.  It needs to be addressed.
  • Since memory serves, I have experienced chronic diarrhea my entire adult life.  I estimate that it occurred 2-4 times a week.  I also had a lot of gas.  The guys in college always poked fun at me; “Pete has the smelliest…”.
  • I got my sh*! together by eliminating grains and sugar:
    • Chronic Diarrhea Solved – I seldom have loose stools; less than five times in the last two years.  I can trace those events to food I ate.  I also never have been constipated since eating Paleo / ketogenic.
    • No More Gas – problems with gas actually peaked when I followed the conventional treatment for diverticulosis to add lots of fiber
    • No More Stink – yep, the embarrassing foul smell is gone
    • Normal Stools
    • Normal Frequency
    • Normal Pressure – pooping is now easy!  I sit down on the toilet, I go and I am finished within a few minutes.  No pressure, pain or discomfort.
    • No More Irritation
  • I am convinced that my past Irritable Bowel Syndrome (since teen years) and diverticulosis (2009) was caused by the consumption of grains:
    • Am I gluten intolerant?  Yes.  I have not been tested, but if I consume gluten products I can feel my digestive system speed-up and I experience gas and bloating.
    • Do I consume supplemental fiber?  No.  I get plenty of fiber from greens and vegetables.



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