Fiat Lux

Fiat Lux –  Let There Be Light

Does artificial light contribute to chronic health issues? In the last 100 years most of the light that incidents on our eyes and body is artificial:

  1. We are Living In Modern Caves
    1. Most people work in an office or factory under florescent lights and drive home under the roof of car and then dash into the house. Many people seldom experience natural daylight.
  2. Evening /Night
    1. We now spend most nights staring at the displays of televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones, even in the bedroom.
    2. Backlit tablets that are loaded with the blue spectrum are replacing books.
    3. These artificial light sources disrupts circadian rhythms and suppresses the hormone melatonin which is important to induce sleep.
  3. Sleep
    1. Night lights cast blue spectrum in many houses and bedrooms
    2. Blue spectrum is emitted from many LED alarm clocks
    3. The blue spectrum from street lights illuminate bedrooms through windows

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