“Natural” Flavors

  • “Natural Flavors” is a code word for chemical additives with the intent by the manufacturer to get returning customers (i.e., addicted)
  • Video: 60-Minutes on the Flavorists.  Inside an international chemical manufacturer that employs over 9,000 people to produce “Natural Flavors” that are added to nearly everything we eat today.
  • News Article – discusses food industry’s use of  the label “Natural”

My Guidelines:

  1. Avoid “Natural Flavors” on the ingredient label.  They are flavors manufactured using processes designed in laboratory
  2. Skip the splashy claims and read the Ingredients
  3. Beware if there are more than a few ingredients listed
  4. Beware if you cannot pronounce an ingredient
  5. Spend a few minutes at home doing Internet research on unfamiliar ingredients.

Book that helped me:

Rich Food Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System (GPS)


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