Vitamin Starter Kit

Here is a list of vitamins that I take.  It is important to realize that vitamins need to supplement your meals.  They should not be taken without the foods that they supplement.  For example, consume vitamins B and C with vegetables.  Vitamins D,E,A and K2 need to be consumed with fat because they are fat-soluble.  These are all critical nutrients for the regeneration and maintenance of brain cells!

This is also very important: you cannot overcome a bad diet with supplements.  If you continue to eat sugar, grains and over-consume fruits, then the effectiveness of vitamin supplements will be greatly diminished. I am not surprised by news citing “studies” that question the effectiveness of vitamins. The people they studied continued to eat poorly!  Targeted vitamin supplementation will help you recover from chronic conditions only if you also correct what you eat. I also believe that these vitamins and minerals are universally necessary even for healthy people because the foods we eat today are grown and raised in nutrient deficient soil.

This is my starter kit.  There are more supplements that we should take, but these are the critical ones.

Also: I do not fear vitamin toxicity.  The amounts taken here are well below any dangerous levels.  The U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for all vitamins is wimpy!  For example, the RDA for D3 is 600 IU.  I read that your skin will produce 10,000 IU with just 20-30 minutes of sun exposure. Sun exposure without sunscreen is the best way to get Vitamin D.  See this post about Vitamin D3 for more information.


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