Vegetable Oils Are Toxic!

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  • Vegetable oils are not made from vegetables; they are made from the seeds: corn, soy, cotton, canola
  • Seed oil is extracted via high temperature and chemical process. They are not a naturally occurring food.
  • Humans did not have access to seed oils until the industrial food revolution (since WWII)
  • Vegetable oils rapidly oxidize (become rancid) when open to air at room temperature; therefore they oxidize even more rapidly in your 98 degree body!
  • Toxic oils include: vegetable, corn, canola, grape seed, cotton.
  • Shortening and margarine are the worst of all oils.  They are hydrogenated.  These have been band in Europe for over a decade and the FDA announced in late 2013 plans to also eventually ban them.
  • Better oils are the tropical, which have a higher melting point: olive, palm and especially coconut oil
  • Oils derived from animals are actually healthy (real, not processed food folks!), especially butter from grass-fed animals
  • The best oils (Omega-3 DHA & EPA) come from fish and shell food

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