Sugar Is Toxic!


  1. The Secrets of Sugar – CBC News
  2. Toxic Sugar? – ABC News Australia 

Being lean does not mean that you are healthy.  Many lean people also develop visceral fat.  I did!  I was a skinny/fat person.  Two months into the ketogenic diet I lost all my visceral fat – 30 pounds of it!


  • Eating too much sugar and even carbohydrates induces the overproduction of Insulin.  Insulin is sometimes referred to as the fat-storing hormone.
  • Insulin converts excess glucose into body fat and fructose into visceral fat.
  • Excess blood glucose is caused by eating too many carbs.  For most people this is over 100 grams per day.  Carbohydrates include: sugar, breads, pastas, potatoes, rice, fruit, etc.  Important: even complex carbohydrates get broken-down by your digestive system and converted into blood glucose.
  • Visceral Fat secretes inflammatory molecules.  Visceral fat results in distortions of leptinestrogenresistin, and the cytokine TNFα.
  • Years of low-grade inflammation secreted by visceral fat results in the playing or Expression of bad cards in your genetic deck.  The most common outcomes of inflammation are:
    • Diabetes (Type-II Diabetes)
    • Autoimmune Disorders
    • Circulatory, Heart Disease, Stroke
    • Cancer
    • Neurological Disease: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. (Type-III Diabetes)
  • There is only one way to really fix the problem: start counting carbs and not calories.
  • You cannot out supplement or medicate a bad diet.  You must reduce the carbs.

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